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Pistol and Rifle Reloader's Labels 100 Pack

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Pistol and Rifle Reloader's Labels 100 Pack
Manufacture ID: 202364

Frankford Arsenal Peel and Stick Reloader's Labels are easy-to-use 2" x 2-1/2" labels that are perfect for recording all the important data about reloads for future reference and replication. These labels are self-adhesive and pre-printed with space for vital reloading information.


- Material: Self-adhesive labels
- 12 fields for recording vital load details

Space Provided for the Following Reloading Information:

- Caliber
- Bullet Weight and Style
- Brand of Bullet
- Powder Weight
- Powder Brand
- Primer Brand
- Brass Brand
- Brass Length
- Over All Length
- Number of times brass has been loaded
- Date
- Space for Notes